Spiritually Assisting at the Moment of Death Training Weekend 

Workshop Date/Time: Spring 2023 Details TBA


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Moment of Death Training is an introduction to simple and effective practices offering spiritual/emotional nourishment, clarity, and a fresh new way to connect with their loved ones during otherwise challenging times . Open to beginners and veteran practitioners who are looking for a refresher course.

Limited enrollment.

Participants will learn powerful meditative practices to offer their loved ones, bringing about deep relaxation for all involved. For more information about the Clear Light Meditation for the Dying, please click here.

Students are encouraged to attend our regular practice sessions. Additional sessions may be arranged within your community upon request.

Pre-requisites: No previous experience necessary

Instructor: Melissa Lewis, RN BSN has dedicated much of her career to caring for individuals and families in home health and hospice and currently covers Hospice Triage for Hartford Healthcare at Home. Her extensive training with The Clear Light Society’s Founding Director, Patricia Shelton began in 1995 while she was a student at Boston University. She has been leading meditation groups, offering inservices / workshops for both medical professionals and the general community, and currently serves as the Director of Training and Services. She is the successive lineage holder for The Clear Light Society.

Books: While there are no required readings for this course, please click here to access the online publication of Blissful Death, Chapter 1, by CLS Founding Director Patricia Shelton.

Practice Attendance:  Following this training, we highly recommend that participants attend practice meetings to develop confidence in their skills and maintain competency.  Practice sessions will correspond with the information presented in course and will reinforce what is learned in class. It is important to understand that this course is more than just an intellectual exploration or a belief system, but it is visceral experience that encompasses the mind, body, and senses.

What to wear/bring: Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and bring personal pillows, blankets/mats, and a bag lunch.

Meeting times: Classes will begin promptly at 9am and run until about 4pm both Saturday and Sunday.

Cost: First Time Attendes pay $175 for this training workshop.

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Retaking Helping at the Moment of Death Training?

If you have previously attended this course and wish to retake it as a refresher course, we are asking for a free-will donation to help support our community services.



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“The Moment of Death training made real for us the knowledge that when the moment comes, anyone can be helped to return to the clear light out of which we were born and into which we die.”
-Gad Horowitz, Ph.D., Shannon Bell, Ph.D. Toronto, Canada


“I wish to express the gratitude of the entire McCormack family for your assistance at the death of my beloved sister Julie. We were by her side, watching her struggle, not knowing how to be with her and longing for direction and some sense of peace. [the Clear Light Practitioner] graciously came to the hospital and led our family through what proved to be one of the most powerful, uplifting and peaceful experiences any of us may ever know. In my estimation the family’s strength through subsequent days has been a direct result of that experience. I’m sure you understand how inadequate the words “thank you” seem under the circumstance.”


B.J. McCormack, M.D., Brockton, Massachusetts