The Clear Light Society, a non-profit organization assisting individuals with life-threatening illness and their families, was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1977. Since that time, countless families and their loved ones have been helped by the wide range of practices developed and pioneered by Founding Teacher Patricia Shelton.

These unique dynamic meditative techniques help to provide an unspoken reassurance that support is available every breath of the way.

Whether one is facing the stresses of everyday life, or a more extreme situation such as an acute or chronic condition, these techniques, which promote deep relaxation, can used by individuals and families to help alleviate physical, spiritual, and emotional distress. While non-sectarian in nature, these practices may be personalized to the individual’s own beliefs and traditions.

During end-of-life care, this also gives family members a way to engage with their loved ones even when verbal discourse is no longer an option, and allows for a very deep and meaningful connection.