Helping at the Moment of Death Workshop

A Unique Training Opportunity for End of Life Care

November 18 & 19, 2017


Healing Hands, 3 Hall Ave, Wallingford, CT

If someone you loved were dying at this moment, would you know what to do to help? What is help at this moment? Perhaps we feel, as one woman said, “Although billions of people have lived and died before us, why do we feel so alone, so unprepared and untutored in a situation that unfailingly comes to every family, every person? Why are there no wisdom treasures handed down from generation to generation to help us? Perhaps we consult books on death and dying, only to find that books really don’t help much in the actual experience of being in the same room with the dying loved one during the final hours.

The Moment of Death training weekend will introduce you to the Clear Light practice for the dying. You will learn how to cut through the confusions of mind heightened by illness and medications. You will learn how to meld the consciousness of yourself, that of the dying person, and other family members into a powerful clear unity flowing inexorably toward the moment which may be considered to be life’s greatest spiritual opportunity- the moment of the great light of death.

This practice, which brings Peaceful Heart and Clear Mind to all involved, is non-sectarian and of universal applicability. Although suitable for the religious and non-religious alike, it accommodates to and blends easily and beautifully with meaningful segments of the family’s religious tradition- making it the family’s own practice.

To assist a dying person’s consciousness to become one with the Clear Light is a compassionate act of great import. It is at once both inexpressible and unforgettable. It is a treasure worth passing down to future generations.


A Two Day Workshop

This two day workshop is concerned specifically with the final hours of a dying person. It is based on the fresh, dyadic, meditative model originated by Founding Teacher Patricia Shelton in 1971 specifically for assisting the old, the sick, and the dying. The Clear Light practices have proven consistently helpful, sometimes startlingly and dramatically so (i.e. helping the person with terminal illness beyond physical and emotional pain altogether.) Ms. Shelton has been engaged in contemplative practices for over forty years and taught an accredited course in meditation at Boston University from 1985 to 2000. She is the author of the soon  to be published book, “Blissful Death.”

Melissa Lewis, RN BSN  who has trained closely with Ms. Shelton since 1995 and now serves  as the Director of Training and Services for The Clear Light Society of Connecticut will be facilitating this event.

Cost: $275 for the two day workshop.  Please Register by Clicking HERE.

What do former attendees say?

I wish to express the gratitude of the entire McCormack family for your assistance at the death of my beloved sister Julie. We were by her side watching her struggle, not knowing how to be with her and longing for direction and some sense of peace. [The Clear Light Guide] graciously came to the hospital and led our family through what proved to be one of the most powerful, uplifting, and peaceful experiences any of us may ever know. In my estimation the family’s strength through subsequent days has been a direct result of that experience. I’m sure you understand how inadequate the words ‘thank you’ seem under the circumstance.

B.J. McCormack, M.D.,

Brockton, Massachusetts

I had an amazing experience with the Moment of Death Training Weekend. I was lucky enough to be chosen as the ‘practice’ dying patient. During the session I felt cradled and embraced as one does during infancy, which was an incredibly comfortable feeling coming from a group of total strangers with your own family members. With my eyes closed, I remember great light, which I can only compare to a light-filled sky completely cleared of clouds. Truly a once in a lifetime experience and highly recommended to anyone who may be interested. Patricia has done a marvelous job in showing us the possibility of transforming a suffering dying patient into a clear, blissful spiritual being at the most crucial point in life. Do not miss this opportunity.

George Rovito, M.D.

North Miami Beach, FL