When Someone you Love is Dying

There Is Something You Can Do To Help

If the mind is properly prepared, the moment of death offers

a supreme opportunity for invincible peacefulness and radiant clarity.

To help the dying person to let go and move naturally and effortlessly into the state of Peaceful Heart, Clear Mind, repeat the Meditation for the Dying over and over in a clear, dignified voice. This practice should be employed in the last hours of life, continuing through the moment of death and for some minutes beyond.

Family members may take turns in this practice, each one assisting the dying loved one to cut through the confusions of mind heightened by illness and medications.

To assist a dying person’s consciousness to become one with the Light is

a compassionate act of great import.

It is both inexpressible and unforgettable.



A vast, boundless ocean of Light. (2x)
An infinite ocean of radiant light. (2x)
The Light is everywhere. (2x)

All is Light. (3x)

There is only the Light. (3x)
It is Light exhaling into Light. (5x)
Dissolving into the Great Light. (2x)
Merging with the Great Light. (2x)
Reunion with the Great Light. (2x)                                                                                                                      Reunion with the

        vast, boundless ocean of Light.



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