Emotional Mastery of Body Mind 

These unique practices, popularized by our founding teacher, Patricia Shelton, offer special meditation techniques for clearing out and transforming emotional negativity and clutter. The emotional mastery of body-mind is composed of a variety of techniques utilizing breath-work, acupressure, and body postures, originally discovered by ancient Himalayan mountain yogis in Tibet for the purpose of enhancing one’s meditative experience by reducing the power of strong emotional and habit energies that prevent us from experiencing the peace and clarity that we seek. According to Ms. Shelton, “When struggles arise in our daily lives, and we are deeply bothered by them, these techniques offer the best opportunity to work directly with them.”

Throughout the year, the Clear Light Society puts on various workshops on Emotional Mastery of Body-Mind practice. Visit our Event web page to keep in tabs with these special events.  During these workshops, attendees will:

  • Learn what to do with your anger, sadness, limiting beliefs…
  • Develop genuine self-confidence
  • Simple and effective techniques to transform your strong emotions into healing energy

Please visit our Events tab for our upcoming workshops.